MS11B, MS11B+, TDEx and IMX400 Old Boys

Over the years there were many people involved in the development of this software.

What was it? Who was involved?

Basically TDEx was a "store and forward message switch". It was supplied as a complete turnkey system - software and hardware - to telecoms operators and corporations around Europe. It started life at the end of the 1970's. It was designed to run on Digital PDPs - essentially this meant the PDP-11 range, written in Coral-66 and Macro-11. It was able to handle over 190 asynchronous communications lines (we did one that was 192). It could also handle synchronous connections - X.25 and IBM 2780/3780. it could also handle direct connection to telex lines, PSTN, telegraph circuits and those modern modems (300 bps was good at the start). Towards the end of its development life it also supported outbound fax.

Formatted messages wouuld come in and go out without intervention - with automatic format, protocol and speed conversion. At the time of writing this section (August 1999) it is still live at a couple of sites and is handling tens of thousands of messages per day.

Next generation on from TDEx - in a way - while not as flexble, it was undertaking a complex task.

It was an X.400 MTA and Message Store written in 'C' for Vax/VMS. Sold to service providers and corporates. It was also partnerd by a complete X.400 user agent (PCX400). One of the few implementations of the P3 protocol - since it pre-dated the 1988 X.400 P7 definitions.

As time moved on, it became more complex, featuring gateways to fax, Kermit and to TDEx (above). Its flexibility was demonstarted by implementing both outbound and inbound fax.

If you were involved, but cannot find yourself in the list or if you are on the list and want to get off it then .. please send me a note

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Many of the people have kept in touch and are contactable through this list

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Some of the people here still meet up - usually around once or twice and year in London. There is also the annual Scicon Reunion where you can usually find a few chatting about old times.

The list is sorted by approximate start date - some in the end column have personal web pages.

 Name Start Date End Date Web Page
Tony Morton      
Paul Farmer      
Bob Haines      
Bob Dean      
Steve Moss      
Steve Wriglesworth 9/78 30/6/81  
George Fee      
Jonty Lawson      
Harvey Cobbold      
Rob Devine      
Neil Fuller 1/9/80  5/6/87 Yes
Paul Webster 1/10/80 31/10/93 Yes
Steve Winters 1/10/80    
Leslie Gabriolek      
Sue Wood      
Martin Spence 10/80 End 1982 Yes
Martin Wood     Yes
Peter Flowers      
Clyde Ingram      
David Birch      
Penny Jackson      
John Howe      
Paul Cutmore      
Nigel Pritchard      
Ralph Tapsfield      
Linda Stewart      
Jim Thomas      
Gordon Brown      
Bruce McDowall 06/81 07/86  
Mei Thoo      
Ngairi Mettam      
Colin Tugwell      
Charlie Child      
Barry Taylor      
Geoff Fielding      
Martin Lock 1/8/96    
Martin Chammings      
Paula Seavers      
Dave Chalmers      
Brian Winstanley      
Mike Ferneyhough 1/8/86 /// Yes
Phil Dunn      
Chris Bryant      
Sally Bament      
Jane Kelleher      
Keith Harrison      
Phil Nye      
Zeenat Hossain      
Tony Wollaston      
Dhiru Kanzaria      
Bob Rollins      
Mike Jones      
Rob Thomas      
Kevin Broadey      
Lisa Smith      
Sharon Castledine      
Mark Owen 9/88 11/92  
Bernie Kennard      
Andrew Bowen      
Nigel Ferguson      
Tushar Wagle      
Dermot McCluskey      
Pat Vella      
Michelle Bozier      
Adam Jack      
Clive Hawkins      

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